Customer Support

Support that goes a long way.


At Citywide, our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.  We empower our clients with information about our products and offer on-target advice and in-depth technical expertise, allowing you to make the right choices for your business’s needs.  From leasing and renting to servicing and repairs, Citywide is renowned for our reliable and expert service. Our trained and skilled technicians offer fast, same day, on-site local service for repair emergencies, as well as factory based repairs for smaller sized products. We know that a business is greater than a sum of its parts, and in order to attain success, every cog in the wheel must be oiled and working in perfect unison.   If your machines aren’t reliable, can’t perform up to the capacity, or are sidelined waiting for repair or maintenance, your entire operation is affected.  At Citywide, we perform a careful and intricate analysis of your business and then provide recommendations of products or services, advising you according to your needs.  We continue to provide dependable service throughout the lifetime of your contract, ensuring efficiency and productivity.  At Citywide, we are here when you need us, where you need us, and how you need us.  That’s the power of our support.

Your Customer Relationship Manager can assist you with all of your needs, including:

  •  Placing a service call for on-site service
  •  Arranging for technical phone support
  •  Ordering supplies
  •  Explaining charges on your account
  •  Making necessary adjustments to your account
  •  Establishing or changing your service contract
  •  Resolving any other issue related to billing, orders or service



  • Installation and Training
  • Customer Service Commitment
  • Equipment Maintenance
Remote Support

  • On-Site Remote Services
  • Download Software