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What are data security and data privacy?

Data security and privacy deliver data protection across enterprise. Together, they comprise the people, process and technology required to prevent destructive forces and unwanted actions. Data security and privacy aren’t a nice-to-have. They are required by more than 50 international legal and industry mandates, as well as business leaders.


With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day, and with the average cost of security-related incidents in the era of big data estimated to be over USD40 million, now is the time to keep customer, business, personally identifiable information (PII) and other types of sensitive data safe against internal and external threats.


Data should be protected no matter where it resides—in databases, applications or reports across production and non-production environments.


Organizations struggle to:

  • Understand and define sensitive data
  • Create real-time, business-driven masking and security policies as data grows in volume, variety and velocity
  • Monitor and audit data from a central location across a heterogeneous data landscape in traditional and big data platforms


How Data Security and Privacy Help Your Business

  • Prevent data breaches: Avoid disclosure or leakage of sensitive data to mitigate the cost of a data breach — about $5.4M per incident
  • Ensure data integrity: Prevent unauthorized changes to data, data structures, configuration files and logs to ensure complete visibility into data access patterns and trends
  • Reduce cost of compliance: Automate and centralize controls and simplify audit review processes. One client deployed in less than 48 hours to speed audits by 20%
  • Protect privacy: Prevent disclosure of sensitive information by masking or de-identifying data in databases, applications, and reports on demand across the enterprise to save $20M in administrative overhead.

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