Citywide Office Solutions - Legal Industry

A significant portion of our clients are lawyers and over the years we have specialized in providing solutions geared towards their unique needs. These needs and the solutions that fulfill them are as follows:


Client Confidentiality:

This is one of the most important demands made by our clients in the legal profession. We make sure that all our multifunction copiers are password protected and that only authorized personnel can access the machine on the office network. Past usage can also be monitored and unusual usage trends flagged.


Record Keeping:

Law offices require significant amount of record keeping and document storage. What we offer our clients here are the fast scanning and scan-to-email features on all our copiers allowing digital record keeping. This allows redundancy of records and retrieving these records becomes lot easier with an electronic file storage system.


Print Operational Costs:

Law offices often process a large volume of paper and this can add up to a significant part of office expenses. Through our copiers, we not only beat the competition by 20% -45% in copier pricing, we also offer the minimum price per impression possible on service. We also guarantee that we will match our competitor’s pricing.


Transference of Operational Costs:

We provide law offices with a software solution on all our machines whereby they can chart the paper usage of each of their clients. This allows our clients to pass on the costs of printing accurately and significantly reduce their office expenses.