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Citywide Office Solutions - Real Estate

When you work in real estate, your printer is a key piece of office equipment. There’s an ongoing need for a variety of documents, from flyers and brochures to contracts and forms. Although some practitioners choose to outsource their printing needs, many find it to be more convenient or affordable to have an in-house system. Citywide has  picked up on the specialized needs of real estate professionals and have rolled out products and systems to suit the demands of your job. Whether or not you’re in the market for a printer, it’s worth taking a look at what’s on the market.  The real estate industry places a lot of emphasis on image management and high quality service. The various industry specific customization that our clients here require are:


High Quality Color Printing:

Due to the very competitive nature of the industry, a lot of emphasis is placed on high quality printing for brochures and flyers. Our Canon copiers are not only one of the best in image quality in the copier industry; they can also be customized to a very high degree for optimum image performance.


Electronic Image Transmission:

Through our high speed and highly customizable scan, scan-to-email and fax features on our copiers, realtors find it easy to electronically transfer flyers and brochures to their clients. This not only saves on the cost of printing, but also allows instantaneous transfer of information from vendor to client.


Record Keeping:

As the sale and purchase of real estate requires input from a large number of parties, realty offices require significant amount of record keeping and document storage. What we offer our clients here are the fast scanning and scan-to-email features on all our copiers allowing digital record keeping. This allows redundancy of records and retrieving these records becomes lot easier with an electronic file storage system.


Print Operational Costs:

Due to the marketing based nature of a realty, these offices often process large volumes of paper and this can add up to a significant part of office expenses. Through our copiers, we not only beat the competition by 20% -45% in copier pricing, we also offer the minimum price per impression possible on service. We also guarantee that we will match our competitor’s pricing. Color printing can be very expensive and we do our utmost to get you the minimum price possible.